Step 1. Register and create your account To create your account, simply visit and click on OPEN LIVE from the top menu. You will be asked to enter your country of residence, full name, email address, and password. Once completed, log in to your account with your email address and selected password. From there, you can upload your documents, manage your account, download our platforms and fund your account.  

Step 2. Complete KYC verification As a regulated company, we must abide by a number of compliance-related rules and regulations set by FSA, our primary regulating body. A valid ID card and a recent (within six months) utility bill or bank account statement that verifies your address are required as part of these procedures for KYC (Know Your Client) compliance.

・For Proof of Identity (POI) Document provided must have your full name. The full name must match the name of the account holder and the POI document exactly. The document provided must have a clear photo of you. The document provided must state your date of birth. (Age must be above 18) The document should be valid (at least one month of validity) and not expired. The document should be issued by the government. All four edges of the document should be clear and visible.

・Utility bill as a Proof of Residence (POR) Accepted documents – Electricity, gas, water, phone, Internet and/or cable TV connection, bank account statement Name displayed on the document must match the full name of the account holder and identity document. All four edges of a document should be clear and visible. The document should have been issued within the past 3 months. The document must contain your full name and full address. The document must mention the issue date of the uploaded document. All pages of the document must be uploaded.  

Step 3. Fund your account You can now make your first deposit to your trading account to begin trading. The Deposit tab on the Client Area page will provide every payment option accessible for you to make your deposit. Before choosing a payment method that is best for you, we strongly advise learning more about making your first deposit.  

Step 4. Choose account type and platform From the Client Area, you will be able to select your preferred account type and trading platform. We offer 4 types of trading accounts, MT4 and MT5 trading platforms for you to get started. Learn more about our Accounts and Platforms.  

Step 5. Start Trading Learn more about how to Start Trading.