All our clients’ trades are executed with superior conditions:

  • Lighting fast execution, Average execution time in less than 80ms
  • No Requotes
  • Real time market execution with 99.99% order filled
  • Ultra-low latency cross-connectivity

At GemForex all orders are executed via the Market Execution method. Market Execution is an execution process method by which orders are executed at the best available market price in a matter of milliseconds. Due to the frequent fluctuation of prices, the resulted executed price may still be higher or lower than the requested price resulting in a negative or positive price slippage for the client.

The benefit of this execution method is that it is the fastest one accessible and offers traders complete market access without requotes.

As part of our internal risk management policy, our internal order flow and exposure is managed up to our risk limits; any excess exposure may be hedged externally.